Asset Modeling in DAML (Tutorial-7 Deep Dive Part 1)



Creation of Asset: Asset Contract and Asset Holder Contract

Asset Contract

Asset template (Asset.daml)

Asset Holder Contracts

AssetHolder template (Asset/Role.daml)
AssetHolderInvite template (Asset/Role.daml)

Asset Contract Creation

Issuer creates Asset contract through exercising in AssetHolder contract.
Choice Issue_Asset in AssetHolder template (Asset/Role.daml)

Fungibility of Asset



Choice Split in Asset template (Asset.daml)


Choice Merge in Asset template (Asset.daml)

Asset Transfer

Proposal Stage

Choice ProposeTransfer in Asset template (Asset.daml)
TransferProposal template (Asset.daml)

Acceptance Stage

Choice Accept_Transfer in AssetHolder contract (Asset/Role.daml)
TransferProposal template (Asset.daml)

Test Script


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