Demonstration of BSN Permissionless Services


BSN (Blockchain-based Service Network) is the blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service for decentralized applications (smart contracts) deployment and consumption. In my previous article I showed how to deploy a sample chaincode (from Hyperledger Fabric) on the BSN Testnet for Permissioned Services. We also saw how to access the chaincode deployed in BSN through BSN specific API.

BSN Permissionless Service

In my previous work I have introduced a quick overview on BSN itself and BSN Permissioned Service. You can refer to it for a quick introduction about BSN. Here I only make an introduction to the BSN Permissionless Service.

  • EOSIO (Mainnet, Testnet, Mainnet-dfuse)
  • Tezos (Mainnet, Carthagenet)
  • Nervos (Mainnet, Aggron)
  • NEO (Mainnet, Testnet)
  • Irisnet (Mainnet, Nyancat)
  • Algorand (Mainnet, Testnet)
  • Solana (Mainnet, Testnet)
  • ShareRing (Mainnet, Testnet)
  • BitYuan (Mainnet, Testnet)
  • Polkadot (Mainnet, Westend)
  • Oasis (Mainnet, Testnet)

Demonstration of BSN Permissionless Service

Create a Project for Ethereum Mainnet

Here we walk through how to create a BSN Permissionless Service, and perform a simple REST API access to this network. We are using Register an account if you have not yet. Choose a plan to fit your case. In my case I am using the free plan, with three projects and limited daily requests and TPS.

A new project is created for accessing Ethereum Mainnet
Enable Project Key for this project

Access Ethereum Mainnet through BSN Permissionless Service

We use Postman to access the service we just created. We simply obtain the latest block in Ethereum Mainnet. Note that we are using the Access Address above as the target.

Access BSN Permissionless Service

With the Access Address and optional Project Key, we can access the network with our friendly SDK. Here I have two projects created, one for Ethereum Ropsten and one for Algorand Testnet. I am using JavaScript SDK to access gateways.

Statistics of Permissionless Service

BSN also provides the statistics for what we have demonstrated. Here we see the transactions we made for this demonstration on the projects.

The last column shows the statistics for this demonstration.


BSN provides a single place to create and manage gateway services to multiple permissionless blockchain frameworks. We have demonstrated how to create a project of Permissionless Service in BSN, and how to check account balance (Algorand Testnet) and access a token contract (Ethereum Ropsten) through the BSN gateways. We see the same result whether we are using BSN gateway, or accessing the networks through other gateway services (PureStake in Algorand, Infura in Ethereum).

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