Demonstration of No-System-Channel Setup in Hyperledger Fabric v2.3



System channel related steps (yellow) are not needed any more.

Observation Test Network with System Channel

cd fabric-samples
cd test-network
./ up
docker exec ls /var/hyperledger/production/orderer/chains
./ createChanneldocker exec ls /var/hyperledger/production/orderer/chains
./ down

Demonstration of No-System-Channel Setup

1. Duplicate the Test Network for the demonstration

cd fabric-samples
cp -r test-network demo-test-network
cd demo-test-network

2. Generate crypto material using cryptogen

// make sure fabric-samples/bin is included in PATH
export PATH=$PATH:${HOME}/fabric-samples/bin
cryptogen generate --config=./organizations/cryptogen/crypto-config-org1.yaml --output="organizations"cryptogen generate --config=./organizations/cryptogen/crypto-config-org2.yaml --output="organizations"cryptogen generate --config=./organizations/cryptogen/crypto-config-orderer.yaml --output="organizations"

3. Modify docker compose file

cd dockercp docker-compose-test-net.yaml docker-compose-no-system-channel.yaml

4. Bring up components

docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose-no-system-channel.yaml up -d
docker exec ls /var/hyperledger/production/orderer/chains

5. Add a profile for no-system-channel setup in channel configuration

Profiles:    TwoOrgsOrdererGenesis:


<<: *ChannelDefaults
<<: *OrdererDefaults
- *OrdererOrg
<<: *OrdererCapabilities
<<: *ApplicationDefaults
- *Org1
- *Org2
<<: *ApplicationCapabilities

6. Prepare genesis block for mychannel

export FABRIC_CFG_PATH=../configcd configtx/
configtxgen -profile SampleAppChannelEtcdRaft -outputBlock mychannel.block -channelID mychannel
cd ..

7. Join orderer to mychannel

osnadmin channel list -o localhost:7080 --ca-file ./organizations/ordererOrganizations/ --client-cert ./organizations/ordererOrganizations/\ --client-key ./organizations/ordererOrganizations/\
No system channel and application channels defined yet in the orderer.
osnadmin channel join --channel-id mychannel --config-block configtx/mychannel.block -o localhost:7080 --ca-file ./organizations/ordererOrganizations/ --client-cert ./organizations/ordererOrganizations/\ --client-key ./organizations/ordererOrganizations/\
The orderer joins mychannel.
docker exec ls /var/hyperledger/production/orderer/chains

8. Join peers to mychannel

// for peer of org1
peer channel join -b configtx/mychannel.block
// for peer of org2
peer channel join -b configtx/mychannel.block
Join to mychannel
Join to mychannel

9. Test with SACC chaincode

./ deployCC -ccn mycc -ccp ../chaincode/sacc -ccl go
Terminal for
Terminal for
docker-compose -f docker/docker-compose-no-system-channel.yaml down -v


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