Ethereum and NEM: Two Different Approaches for Blockchain Application Development

After working on Ethereum for a while, I recently got a chance to take a look into NEM. And I see two very different approaches they are taking when providing a blockchain environment for building applications. In this article I will put them down and do a quick comparison between them.

Overview of NEM

There is much more information on Ethereum in the market. Therefore here I am giving a quick overview of NEM.

Ethereum: Platform for Coding

In Ethereum, developers have flexibility to code something new. While we can only code according to what Solidity and the opcode provide, from what we have seen in the market so far, there can be many types of applications in this platform.

NEM: Platform for Services

NEM is taking a different approach: while the bottom is still a public ledger, NEM provides certain useful and handy services that developers can consumes when they build their applications.


The following diagram summarizes the two different approaches in blockchain application development.

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