Exploring Hyperledger Indy through indy-dev Example



Run The Example

$ git clone https://github.com/sovrin-foundation/indy-dev.git
$ cd indy-dev
$ sudo make build
$ sudo make start
After make start we will be in a shell of indy-dev
Two docker containers are running after make start
$ cd python
$ python3 getting_started.py
After executing the python code, we see detail log of the story (truncated)
Last several lines when the python code is completely executed
Exit the shell

Implementation: Setup

Indy Nodes: Source of Trust


Steward Creates All Actors

Steward creates the actors with Trust Anchor Role

Storyline Implementation

Government creates schemas
Faber College and Acme Corp create credential definition based on schemas issued by Government
Relation between Schemas and Credential Definitions
Alice gets credential from Faber College
Alice creates proof with the credential to Acme Corp
Alice gets credential from Acme Corp
Alice creates proof with the credentials to Thrift Bank

Some Observation

What is in the Ledger?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Not in the Ledger

Alice’s Identity


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