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  • Thomas Bohner

    Thomas Bohner

    Passionate about FinTech, Capital Markets, Digital Identities and Blockchains. Currently supporting the digital finance @IntellectEU

  • Celia Wan

    Celia Wan

    Certified paradigm shift identifier because I read Kuhn thrice; History and Philosophy of Mathematics @UChicago

  • Federico Ulfo

    Federico Ulfo

    I grow startups and I connect people. I used to play with Lego, now I play with Kubernetes and Bitcoin.

  • Alberto Cuesta Cañada

    Alberto Cuesta Cañada

    Blockchain Architect | Distributed and High Performance Computing Expert | Chaotic and Complex Systems Fanboy

  • Henrique Centieiro

    Henrique Centieiro

    Passionate about Fintech, Blockchain, Agile Scrum and doges. https://www.udemy.com/user/henrique-246/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/henriquecentieiro/

  • 錢琛


    遊走於Public Side與Private Side,從自型交易到私募基金的projects也有參與,能炒的都炒。深信計量交易能幫助散戶獲勝 | 免責聲明: 本人清楚明示本專頁的內容概不構成任何投資意見或購買任何股票及金融產品的特定推薦意見,本專頁的內容亦並非就任何個別投資者的特定投資目標、財務狀況及個別需要而編製。

  • 劉細良


  • 吳冠融 Roger Wu

    吳冠融 Roger Wu

    現任 SELF TOKEN 首席 DApp 工程師 | 專精區塊鏈、智能合約、加密貨幣、網頁前端 | 台大電機系畢業

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