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  • Callista Chang

    Callista Chang

    toiny software developer (graduating soon)

  • Metaverse Summit

    Metaverse Summit

    Metaverse Summit is set to explore and build the decentralized and fertile future of metaverse together. www.Metaverse-summit.org

  • Yifei Huang

    Yifei Huang

    Data science at Sequoia Capital | Ex head of data science at Palantir | twitter.com/yifei_huang | linkedin.com/in/yifeihuangdatascience

  • Jon Radoff

    Jon Radoff

    Adventurer & entrepreneur. I fight for the game-maker. I like startups, digital culture, stories, software, crypto, cooking/wine, games and adventure.

  • Rounak Banik

    Rounak Banik

    Actor, Writer, Software Engineer.

  • Thomas Bohner

    Thomas Bohner

    Founder & CEO @Credix.

  • Celia Wan

    Celia Wan

    Certified paradigm shift identifier because I read Kuhn thrice; History and Philosophy of Mathematics @UChicago

  • Federico Ulfo

    Federico Ulfo

    I grow startups and I connect people. I used to play with Lego, now I play with Kubernetes and Bitcoin.

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