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It’s interesting that we keep hearing others questioning that fabric lacks a standard RESTAPI for accessing functions or networks. That’s the reason I am addressing this ask. It’s more from application development perspective, as people are more happy using API, more than the blockchain platform consideration.

One challenge is what the client looks like. If it’s a customized client one can include the user credential (like those javascript samples in Fabcar). However when we are using web as the client, we don’t have a handy way to incorporate user credential. And using an API and a proxy user credential seems to be a workaround. This gives up the beauty of “direct connection” and end-to-end user visibility (only see the proxy user instead of real end users).

I hope to see something like metamask browser plug-in for Ethereum such that it’s more easy to incorporate user credential and perform signing transaction.

Just my views. Once again, many thanks!


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