Cryptogen in general is more for testing and demonstration, using a tool cryptogen and a configuration file to generate crypto material, and let docker-compose files to arrange the crypto material to the right components (peers, orderers, etc.). Just think that one party (you) can access all crypto material for production network: it is never a good practice.

In real life, and for more practical use, one should bring up a CA for each org, and generate crypto material according to one’s need (components, network design, etc). In this case, only the Org Admin can access crypto material within that Org.

Fabric v2.0 provides a good sample (test network) showing how to use a CA to generate crypto material for every component and user. I recently wrote an article talking on this. You can make a reference on this.

Hope this helps. And you can reach me on kctam@ledgertech.biz for more idea exchange.

cheers, kc

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Happy to share what I learn on blockchain. Visit http://www.ledgertech.biz/kcarticles.html for my works. or reach me on https://www.linkedin.com/in/ktam1/.

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