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Thanks for your question.

Whether you use couchDB or not as world state database is up to you. For example, in Basic-Network, couch DB is there, while in First-Network, you need to specify -s couchdb in ./byfn.sh script. For example, if you wish to bring up the First Network with couchdb and not running the default chaincode, you can use

./byfn.sh up -n -s couchdb

Technically if you need couchDB, just include the couchDB service in the docker-compose file and specify it correctly in the peer. You can refer to basic-network/docker-compose.yml and see how couchDB is defined.

In this setup as my focus is on multi-node deployment, I simply omit couchDB.

In chaincode development, using couchDB helps as I can read the content directly. CouchDB also gives you more flexibility in query content from chaincode. Nevertheless, there is no answer whether it’s good or bad.

Hope this helps.

cheers, kc

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