Hi Salman,

You can make a comparison on the curl result, one with ?attachments=true and one without. I just tested it in 1.4.4, and the attachment is gzipped therefore we can’t read the actual value. However, in 2.0.0, the attachment can be seen as clear text.

Image for post
Image for post
1.4, where value is gzipped
Image for post
Image for post
2.0, where value can be seen (90).

Meanwhile, the default chaincode in First Network is not sacc, but example_chaincode02 in 1.4 (and renamed to abstore in 2.0). Nevertheless, the result of a becomes 90 after the whole script byfn.sh is executed.

cheers, kc

(PS: I also wrote a reply on another reply of your article, and it seems the invoke command with clear username/password will be recorded in the block. Kindly check whether it is correct as I haven’t tested it in my environment.)

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